About Us

The Grow Light District

A website dedicated to offering advice about growing vegetables and plants indoors. I focus particularly on grow lights as I’ve had a lot of experience experimenting with them in my own home.

My aim is to help you learn about the best products available, why you use them and how to grow the best quality produce that you can.

Who Am I?

I have been a gardener and grower for close to 20 years.

I started by assisting my Granda at his allotment where he grew an assortment of vegetables. I then moved on to help out in his garden and greenhouse before acquiring a garden of my own. I created a rockery, a pond and plant a lot of flowers and a small tree.

Since then I found a passion for growing vegetables and Cacti in a greenhouse during the summer months and an indoor grow room during the autumn and winter.

Gardening and growing is a relaxing activity I enjoy and hope to share with everybody who visits this site.