Sunblaster T5 Review: The Ultimate Technology

The Sunblaster T5 is a powerful grow light which can be used to develop high-quality plants throughout the entirety of the growth cycle. It is one of the strongest and most popular types of grow light on the market because of it’s high efficiency and cost-saving capabilities.
Artificial lighting for indoor plants has been used for quite a long time to provide supplemental lighting for many types of plants to ensure they can photosynthesize efficiently. Although the natural sunlight from mother nature is the best horticultural lighting, this natural light is only truly efficient when you’re growing outdoors. This limitation urged SunBlaster Lighting to innovate and create the best indoor lighting possible, in order to provide your indoor plants with the ideal quality and quantity of light. Ensuring your indoor plants have the correct amount of light they need is the best way to provide them with nutrients and encourage healthy growth.
 The main benefits of using the Sunblaster T5 are:
  • Exceptional quality and quantity of lighting
  • Long lifespan
  • Low energy usage
  • Massive cost-saving benefits

No matter what crops you want to grow in the comfort of your home, SunBlaster T5 lighting will give your indoor plants the ideal amount of light they need. You can now handle delicate tropical plants with a supplemental light to enjoy a year-round bloom or grow bigger and healthier plants wherever and whenever you want.

With SunBlaster Lighting products, you can get the best indoor lighting anytime and anywhere you need it.

Fantastic Results with the Sunblaster T5

The best element of a SunBlaster grow light is its use of T5 High Output Lighting, which aids in growing bigger and healthier plants in a faster way. These T5HO bulbs provide the ideal full spectrum of 6400K for plant growth. This means you can easily grow your plants in a grow tent or any indoor garden.

The SunBlaster T5HO lamp produces minimal heat and does not require any fancy ventilation systems. It can be placed 1 to 2 inches on top of the plant canopy (which is much closer than HPS lights) so your plants can receive as much light as possible. This process will also maximize the photosynthetic response in the plant which will help speed up growth. Compared with standard fluorescents, this indoor lighting product has energy saving benefits of up to 50%.

These noiseless T5HO lamps are self-ballasted, and they do not flicker. They weigh 100 grams each and can be installed easily with no wiring requirements. This Plug & Play technology allows you to link as many as eight fixtures together using only one single outlet to cover a large growing area. SunBlaster’s T5HO Horticultural Grow Lights are perfect from early vegetation up to full term growth so you can save money long-term as you won’t have to replace them very often.

Highly Efficient

A major benefit of using a Sunblaster T5 grow light is that it emits more light with a minimal energy input – as it uses 50% less energy compared to standard fluorescent lamps or older models.

Huge savings are made possible with the NanoTech-enhanced reflector. This technology increases lumen availability by 300%, reflects 99.9% of lost light, and distributes the light onto the plant foliage. Sunblaster T5 grow lights, with their high light output and low temperature, offers a cost-effective lighting solution for indoor planting to help you in the propagation and development process of cultivation.

Furthermore, a kelvin rating of 6400K makes Sunblaster T5 lamps ideal lighting for every growing stage of your plants.

With a lamp life that usually lasts for 10,000 hours, you can be sure that this lifespan will be suitable for numerous crop cycles. These lamps are designed to operate at a low temperature so you can rest assured that the heat level in your growing room is not increasing. Also, as mentioned, you can reduce the potential cost of your energy bill and investment on power bars (or multi-socket circuits) because you can safely run up to 8 fixtures from one outlet using this indoor lighting product. Whether for residential or commercial applications, this lamp will suit your lighting needs.

Exceptional Benefits

The process of growing plants indoors is made easier by SunBlaster,  due to its revolutionary technology which makes it possible for you to grow a year-round supply of vegetables, herbs, and fresh flowers indoors. It has everything you need for your starter seedlings up to full-grown houseplants.

Sunblaster T5 lighting products can benefit growers in many types of applications including hydroponic, aeroponic, and soilless applications. The light will allow you to reap a bountiful harvest from your indoor vegetables and herbs even during the cold winter months. When choosing which grow lights to use in your grow room, the SunBlaster T5 is an exceptional product which will ensure you develop the best plants possible.