best t5ho bulbs for plants

Lighting The Way Forward: Best T5Ho Bulbs for Plants

Having the best T5HO bulbs for plants available can make a huge difference throughout the entire the growth cycle. plants or vegetables. Plants need light to grow so it’s important that you use the product which will save you money and also maximise plant growth. The best T5HO bulbs for plants are widely considered to be the most efficient grow bulbs on the market and can help to save you a lot of money, whilst yielding exceptional produce, in the long-term.

The best T5HO bulbs for plants have a lot of advantages over other types of grow light, many of which allow you to save money whilst also producing excellent, high-quality plants.

What Are T5HO Light Bulbs?

T5 lamps are made up of energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. The fluorescent lighting comes in various tube lengths and, because of this versatility, there are many uses for this type of lighting. However, they are most prominently used as part of a grow kit for t5ho bulbs for plants

The “T” in T5 represents the shape of the lamp-tubular, and the number “5” represents the diameter of the tube connector. Fluorescent lights, as you may know, have connectors on the ends of the tube-shaped light which indicates the matching socket (plug) of the lighting fixture. The T5 range has been designed with a small bi-pin prong style connector, which is an improvement on the older T8 and the T12 models which use a medium bi-pin prong connector. Furthermore, the T5 connectors are also smaller than both the T8 and T12 (which are often interchangeable in fixture sizes).

The T5 is specifically designed to fit and function best in smaller lamps which specifically require the T5 light bulb for its connector bi-pin size. A key reason that T5 grow lights are considered to be the best type of grow lamp is because of their small size, allowing you to fit more into a grow room and also ensuring their light can reach more produce as they can be placed in smaller areas that larger lights couldn’t fit.

Primary Uses

The best T5HO bulbs for plants have lots of different uses.

  • T5 Fluorescent Grow Lights – New systems use several rows of bulbs to provide light for their grow room to encourage flowering or vegetative growth. Each row of bulbs is mounted in a reflector fixture in order to maximise the intensity of the light reaching the plants. Alternatively, lone bulbs are also used to light areas which the fixture mounted bulbs cannot reach. This type of lighting is designed to encourage bigger and better plant growth and to achieve healthy, strong vegetative growth.
  • Wherever they’re used, the bulbs are designed to use the smallest amount of space to produce the brightest light in a specific area
  • Aquariums and aquarium plant life. Many people use T5 High Output bulbs to beautifully light an aquarium without adding any unwanted heat.

Important To Note: Whilst it’s important to know what the best T5HO bulbs for plants are, it’s also important that you monitor your grow room correctly. If you are planning to use this lighting to grow plants in an area that has limited air circulation such as a grow room, grow box, or an area that is enclosed, (such as a closet,) you MUST always have an oscillating fan. Plants need fresh air circulation for maximum growth and health, and accumulated heat in a closed area will not only damage the plant life but could be a dangerous hazard. It is suggested that you plan your lighting space carefully, and efficiently, allowing your plants to receive the proper lighting, fresh air circulation, and enough room for them to grow fully.

Cost Saving Benefits

As with many things, it’s important that you try to save money wherever possible when growing produce as this will ultimately increase your profit margin and the best T5HO bulbs for plants have a lot of money-saving benefits.. The T5 will help you to save money as it can be used throughout the entire growth cycle so you don’t have to spend any more money replacing the lamp or bulb (the bulb has a long lifespan also.) Furthermore, because they use a lot less power than alternative grow lamps use, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill simply by using the T5.

Advantages Of  Using a T5

There are lots of advantages of using T5 grow lights and all of these are present in the best T5HO bulbs for plants (product revealed below.)

  • Longer product life
  • Improved colour rendering
  • Lumen maintenance is better
  • Low heat output
  • Small size with brilliant output
  • Versatility of various types of ballasts to direct and reflect lighting

So what are the best T5HO bulbs for plants?

Having conducted hours of research into the different bulbs available, I would recommend the T5 Energy Saving Light Bulbs as being the best T5HO bulbs for plants.

They last for over 10,000 hours and have an energy efficiency rating of “A.”

This is extremely important when considering why it’s the best T5. T5 bulbs are definitely the best option to use when growing plants or vegetables, owing to the benefits mentioned above, but the outstanding money-saving possibilities of this particular bulb put it slight above the rest.

It’s longer lifespan, combined with it’s immense energy-saving capabilities, ensure you’ll have a bulb which will produce great yield over a very long period of time – leading to more profit and less expenditure.

Now you know what the best T5HO bulbs for plants are, it’s important you understand the colour spectrum required throughout the growth cycle. Remember to always use a warm, red spectrum light for flowering and a cool, blue spectrum light for vegetation as this will ensure your plants receive the exact type of lighting they’ll need.

Why is is the Best Option for You?

When growing either plants or vegetables best T5HO bulbs for plants are undoubtedly the T5 Energy Saving Light Bulbs as they can be used throughout the entirety of the growth cycle which, as discussed above, will help to save you money in the long-run. However, it’s also important to remember that their size and versatility will enable you to ensure that plants, which are possibly not receiving enough light from the main lamp, can receive the light they need from a solo bulb.