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The 7 Best T5 Grow Lights

Don’t you love that feeling when you see your vegetables begin to peek out of the soil?

best t5 grow lightsIt’s a wonderful feeling and can give you a strong sense of accomplishment, especially if your vegetables grow big and strong. I want to help you secure that feeling quicker so I’ve highlighted the best T5 grow lights you can use when developing high-quality plants.

Hydrofarm JSV4

The Hydrofarm is the first in the selection of the best T5 grow lights and it come in heights of two feet and four feet. There is a toggle to adjust the height of the lamp, and plants can be placed directly underneath the light. The lamp itself has an internal reflection finish so that more light shines on the plants.

These vegetable grow lights are ideal for cuttings, flowers, and seedlings. Houseplants also benefit from the kit. Specific plants that will benefit from the kit are African violets and orchids, among others.

The T5 lights are incredibly efficient, and the lamp offers between fifteen and twenty percent more lumens (the amount of light emitted each second). The pulley system for the light allows for the lights to be moved higher or lower depending on your needs. The nylon used to adjust the light height is said to be a little thin for the job, but it does the job well enough.

Bulbs are installed before the kit is shipped out and are made to industrial grade standards.

This is a light weight system. Any beginner can set it up in about ten minutes with a Philips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers with some common sense.

Maxibright T5 LightWave – 4ft x 4 lamp Grow Light

The Maxibright is one of the best T5 grow lights as it put out 20,000 lumens (outstanding even when considering the usual high-quality T5 lumens output.) They have ninety-five percent reflecting capacity reflectors in the lamp to maximize how much light is given to each plant. There are two switches: one for the two inner bulbs and one for the two outer bulbs. The addition of a cord to power all four lights off one outlet allows for less clutter around the plants and more convenience.

This lamp can be used indoors, outdoors, or even in a greenhouse. It’s practically limitless which is why it’s one of the best T5 grow lights available on the market. Daisy chaining allows multiple lights to be strung together, saving time and space. Another reason they’re one of the best T5 grow lights is because of their versatility as can be hung from the wall or the ceiling, depending on where the plants are. To maximize the light even further, place the light as close to the plants as possible. The lights don’t approach any temperature that would damage the plants in any way.

An eight-foot extension cord is included with the lamp and allows the plants to be placed in a space where they won’t cause excess trouble. The lamp is timer compatible. Should any of the bulbs come loose, the base will keep the bulb from causing a fire. Another feature of this lamp is that it is about thirty percent lighter than most T5 lights and can be installed easily, making it one of the best T5 grow lights available.

EnviroGro 2ft T5 Light with 4 FLT24 Tubes

This fixture comes with two foot long or four foot long lights. There are options available to have two, four, six, or eight lights on a fixture. The lamp is a low profile lamp and can hang three ways: vertical (good for multiple shelves of plants), horizontal (good for a specific row of plants), and overhead (good for a greenhouse).

Despite being one of the best T5 grow lights, this product does include a grounded power cord that is ten inches long. While not as long as the above lights, it is long enough to be used well in any room. The steel housing included is powder coated for durability.

The light has a high lumen output at around thirty lumens. There is some speculation on how high the lumen output actually is, but it is high enough for plants to grow properly.

While these grow lights don’t include hanging hardware, it can easily be put up if there is a light hanger or hooks and chains around the area. Other problems that have been noted are bulbs breaking during shipping. However, some speculate they tried to get the packaging off wrong. While this is not a cheap product, it does work and if it doesn’t suit your needs, you can give it to a gardening friend who might need something for the winter months.

 T5 Grow Light (4-ft 4-lamps)-DL844S

This 4-ft 4-lamp is a brand new type of 4-ft 4-lamp fluorescent vegetable grow lights.

DL844s has got beautiful light. The Grow Light is perfect for greenhouses and gardens. For maximum yield, the grow light should be placed to as close to the plant as possible. Fluorescent Hydroponic also has 20,000 lumens, with a typical light output of a dominant grow system. Besides, it has a 95% German reflectors meaning the 4-ft 4-lamp got an approximate 30% in excess light than the counterpart light systems. Also, Fluorescent Hydroponic has a fixture outlet of up to five off one wall outlet. The result is less clutter and more convenience. On its body, there are two switches. One is for the inner two bulbs and the other for the outer two bulbs.

DL844s has an advantage which makes this one of the best T5 grow lights. The advantage is that its weight is 30% less than others, thus enabling EZ installation. These lamps do not get hot fast, so they can hardly damage the plant with heat. Besides, in the package you can get an 8ft power cable and hooks.

A PLL-55 2-Foot 2-Lamp

APLL-55 is one of the best T5 grow lights available on the market.

It is a powerful Tek Light lamp that comes two compact T5 high-output fluorescent bulbs and is perfect for small gardens, orchids, cloning, plants and supplemental lighting. The system has an electronic ballast in the stable state that emits petite heat and is silent. The electronic ballast operates standardly on a house current of 120 volts. The lighting system is better than the other homemade junk that you can get from hawkers. Besides, the white powder coating of 2-lamp is attractive, and this makes it flourish in the market.

The lamp has 95% polished aluminum of top quality thus giving you the maximum light output. Also, 2-lamp is not as heavy, thus making it easy to hang. The light weight is because of chrome hangers. All these make 2-lamp convenient with its low price. T5 Grow Lights have increasingly become the preferred lighting systems among many plant growers. The reason for this could be their sufficient brightness thus able to grow all types of plants. Because they emit little heat, you can hang them even close to the plant canopy. Another great benefit of the APLL-55 is that they have a life expectancy of over 20,000 hours with 10,000 lumens making them easily one of the best T5 grow lights around.

Slim Star 4-foot 8-Lamp

Slim Star is another high output T5 fluorescent kit and is one of the best T5 grow lights available. Each lamp has an average of 5,000 lumens, and this means that all the eight lamps got a total of 40,000 lumens. This package provides high lumens that have a low heat output, and thus can be placed close to the plants for maximum yield.

The weight of Slim Star is extremely light, and this makes hanging easier. Slim Star is will last throughout the entire growth cycle because the lamp spectrums may be changed or mixed for varying stages of horticultural production. Slim Star comes with eight different high output T5 light bulbs, and you can choose whichever you like most. Besides, it has an innovative design that places an air gap between the ballast and the lamps, thus allowing cooler temperatures operation. The cooler temperatures increase lumen production when compared to similar systems. Slim Star has a quiet operation.

This operation is because of the digital electronic ballasts in the stable state. Moreover, Slim Star comes with a one-year warranty. Slim star can also plug into the standard household outlets. its reflectors are constructed of 95% aluminum making these one of the best T5 grow lights available due to their incredible efficiency.

Sunblaster T5

The Sunblaster T5 is one of the best T5 grow lights available because of its efficiency. When choosing which light to use, you’re unlikely to find anything more efficient that the Sunblaster T5.

The main benefits of using the Sunblaster T5 are:
  • Exceptional quality and quantity of lighting
  • Long lifespan
  • Low energy usage
  • Massive cost-saving benefits

As it’s such a powerful grow light with exceptional qualities, I’ve wrote an entire post dedicated to this particular grow light. Please click here to read more about the Sunblaster T5.

The Best T5 Grow Lights: Why Should You Use Them?

The best T5 grow lights offer the most desirable spectrum for both plant and vegetable growth thus allowing indoor gardeners to enjoy the benefits of fluorescent lamps. Unlike the traditional lighting, T5 lights are high-output and can operate at cooler temperatures. Besides, they emit twice as bright as fluorescent light and are more powerful than T8 and T12 lamps. When it comes to selecting the best T5 grow lights, there are several options in the above selection which will make sure you grow the best plants possible.