Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room

Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room Use

If your grow room is too hot and humid your plants will struggle to grow, so it’s important that you have the best dehumidifier for grow room use.

When looking at which is the best dehumidifier for grow room use, I felt it was important to take two things into account. Firstly, how powerful the machine was and secondly – and most importantly – was the machine a suitable size for a grow room.

You’ll find the most efficient and most suitable dehumidifiers on this page.

VonHaus Compact Dehumidifier

An excellent air dehumidifier for grow room use is the VonHaus Compact Dehumidifier.

It’s size ensures it will fit perfectly into a smaller grow room but still be just as effective in a larger grow room. It can operate at 30° and maintain 80% humidity, sucking on average 750ml of water out of the air per day.

As it has a 2 Litre water tank, you won’t be required to change the tank too often so you can just leave it to operate whenever you’re busy – you can also see the water level rising so you know when you need to change it. As indicated, the air dehumidifier has an auto switch which will turn the machine on and off whenever the humidity reaches a desired level, so you can leave it running during the night.

Allowing you to grow high-quality plants even as you sleep.

Pure Factory Dehumidifier

Arguably, the best dehumidifier for grow room maintenance is the Pure Factory Dehumidifier.

It only uses 60 Watts of power which allows you to keep your energy bill low – particularly beneficial when used with a T5 grow light – whilst also producing a great yield. It’s also extremely quiet so you can run it in a cupboard based grow room without worrying about noise levels increasing throughout the house.

The machine can also switch itself off when the tank is full so you don’t have to worry about overflow or flooding. Even if the humidity is at 80%, the Pure Factory Dehumidifier is an incredibly effective model and can absorb up to 750ml of water a day.

This machine is small enough to fit into almost any grow room and will make sure that the humidity level is right for your plants to thrive throughout the entire growth cycle.

EcoAir Dehumidifier

The EcoAir Dehumidifier is the most powerful and most beneficial dehumidifier on this list. I’d say it’s the best dehumidifier for grow room use in a larger sized room as it’s not the smallest machine.

Aside from absorbing water vapour and reducing humidity, the EcoAir Dehumidifier also has an anti-bacteria filter which prevents bacteria from developing in the grow room – which is an incredible asset for any serious grower.

It’s also very easy to control as it can detect when it is full or the temperature has changed and will automatically switch itself off if necessary. Furthermore, it has an anti-drip mechanism and it’s easy to unclip the water tank from the machine so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

However, the most impressive feature of this machine is that it can absorb up to 7 litres of water a day (you can set the desired humidity for the machine to maintain) which means that you can completely control the humidity in your grow room. Finally, despite being so powerful, it operates at only 580W so you can keep the costs of your energy bill lower.

Which is the Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room Use?

Each dehumidifier on this page is a powerful tool to be used in any grow room, but they’re each more useful in specific areas. I’d recommend the EcoAir dehumidifier for larger grow rooms, the VonHaus for medium sized grow rooms and the Pure Factory Dehumidifier for smaller grow rooms. When discussing which is the best dehumidifier for grow room use, I feel confident in stating that the 3 listed above are the most impressive machines.